It Only Matters Where it Comes From


This is a continuation of my last post. This isn’t a new or fresh idea. I’m just rehashing what’s already been said. I think it’s important for new readers to understand.

Get on with it!

It doesn’t matter what you say or do. It only matters where it comes from. Are your actions coming from a state of abundance or desperation?

“How long should I wait to text?”

“Should I pay on the first date?”

“Should I do xyz or abc?”

It doesn’t matter. If it’s coming from a state of desperation it will always be received as such. If you’re doing something from a state of abundance it will always be received as such.

But how do I reach a state of abundance!?

Talk to more girls, you dunce! Have outcome independence! It’s terribly irrational to have oneitis. If you were in a room with
 572,229,547 women and the first one you approached rejected you would you a.) dwell on it? b.) follow her around and double down? or c.) move on to the next chick?

Saying Random Shit to Women

Now it’s no secret that women just want emotions and tingles. Talking about your model train collection will only please your mother and your autism. God I talk about autism a lot. Maybe I’m autistic!


Now before I begin; take this with a grain of salt. I don’t want to be the reason you get slapped or harmed emotionally. Read between the lines. I promise I left you a secret… white space!

This past Monday was a MLK day. I was going to hang out with a girl I met on the street. She had an interesting name that would make you think she was a 4. She was a 6. She ended up flaking on me, oh well can’t be bothered. She had better shit to do.

I was driving around just thinking to myself when I thought of something I found hilarious:

“Ay I’m tryna chill with you on this beautiful MLK day. Lets come together and make a mixed race baby in the name of Mr. Luther himself.”

I sent this out to three girls on Tinder, I was laughing my ass off when I sent it. One was black, she blocked me. One didn’t reply. And the other took the fucking bait. A few messages later, two phone calls, and we’re chilling tomorrow. Should be fun.

What’s the point?

I’m glad you asked! The point of this isn’t that I’m gonna clap cheeks till the daylight. It isn’t that I’m gonna have her suck my big toe and call me ‘Big Papa’. It’s that I didn’t fucking care what I said.

Girl’s just want to have fun. A girl would rather talk to someone than sit by herself, if you’re not autistic, a creep. It doesn’t matter what you say, it’s how you say it and the emotions you bring along with it. This works much better in person, but I digress.

Being congruent with your emotions and saying the first stupid thing that comes to your mind will net you more poon than calculating your every move. As long as you’re not autistic! Fuck!

Communication and Social Skills are the Cornerstone of Prosperity and Growth *RD*


Now I’m no where close to where I want to be in any aspect. I’m no expert on any subject at all. Though I do believe every man, most, some, my group of friends are all on their way to mastering something. Oh yeah! We’re friends again! I went crazy! One of them is mastering video games, good choice. One of them is mastering writing, movies, music, and art in general.

I considered myself to be mastering in people and communication. I thought this was fucking useless. Now I know I was dead wrong.


Humans are pack animals. Being a social outcast in today’s society wont cut it. Being able to operate in different groups and social environments will sky rocket you too success. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping for.

I think most guys especially those who don’t read TRP undervalue talking to women, game, and social skills in general. Communication and social skills are the most valuable skill you can have.

Getting yourself out there, putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, and generally going for it will all make you a sick fucking guy, mate. Jokes aside, I believe these skills will all trickle down into other areas of your life. How do I mean?

  • More confidence
  • Makes you well rounded
  • Having a better social circle will improve other areas of your life


So I recently hung out with an old friend I haven’t seen in years. If I was an autistic sperg, he wouldn’t have paid for my drink, he wouldn’t have invited me out to see another old friend, I wouldn’t have gotten a job offer from that friend, and I wouldn’t be seeing them this Sunday for drinks. All because I’m not autistic!

Journal #1

I’m drunk as fuck writing this. Okay not really, slightly more than tipsy. Honestly I had an idea in mind when writing this, but as I started writing it I forgot.

Lets write about that.

I gave up on my “loser” friends and became a loser myself. How ironic. If we’re the habits of the five people we hang out with then I don’t want to have their habits. When the fuck are you supposed to put a comma? I, Feel, As, If. Okay that was just obnoxious. I feel like without human contact I’m gonna go insane. It’s only been a little bit more than 10 days but here I am drinking and eating junk food.

I’ve been reading a lot of Billy Pratt’s articles. His two most recent really struck a cord with me. Defiance, Decay, and Scott Weiland because I’ve had problems with addiction in my past. Maybe it’s rearing its ugly head yet again! Oh The Places You’ll Go! My dad gave that to all my siblings when they went to college. Here I am finishing High School at the age of 21. I just chugged a beer and writing is getting more and more difficult. Good thing I have more!

His other article “On Writing and “The Pussy” (2016),” also struck a cord. Who am I? A question with no fucking answer I suppose. It’s a question with whatever answer you give it. Whether its for other people or not. But it got me thinking.

I started this blog, probably a day ago. I don’t even know right now. But probably a day ago with the intention, with the pipe dream, the fantasy of being well respected in The Red Pill community. Helping dude’s out, helping them build skills. And even building skills myself.

Do I really fucking care about all that? Being well liked I mean. I want skills. But being well liked. Do I even care about women? Do I even care about people. Maybe I need to talk to someone, it’s been 10 days for pete’s sake. I wanted to write an article about Leonardo Da Vinci. I don’t give a flying fuck about him. Although it would be cool to learn about him. Who knows. Another beer down. All I know is I have a final tomorrow and the road to shredded starts tomorrow. Wish me luck brothers. Look forward to that article. Good night.

What Is a Renaissance Man?


I wouldn’t consider myself a Renaissance Man, yet. This will be my journey through The Red Pill, self improvement, learning new skills, and developing good habits. 

What is a Renaissance Man?

To become a Renaissance Man, we must first understand what a Renaissance Man is. 

polymath (Greekπολυμαθήςpolymathēs, “having learned much”,[1] Latinhomo universalis, “universal man”[2]) is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. – Wikipedia, Polymath

Sounds easy enough. So all we have to do is become Mr. Worldwide. How do we become Mr. Worldwide? Well first we make really shitty music.