Journal #1

I’m drunk as fuck writing this. Okay not really, slightly more than tipsy. Honestly I had an idea in mind when writing this, but as I started writing it I forgot.

Lets write about that.

I gave up on my “loser” friends and became a loser myself. How ironic. If we’re the habits of the five people we hang out with then I don’t want to have their habits. When the fuck are you supposed to put a comma? I, Feel, As, If. Okay that was just obnoxious. I feel like without human contact I’m gonna go insane. It’s only been a little bit more than 10 days but here I am drinking and eating junk food.

I’ve been reading a lot of Billy Pratt’s articles. His two most recent really struck a cord with me. Defiance, Decay, and Scott Weiland because I’ve had problems with addiction in my past. Maybe it’s rearing its ugly head yet again! Oh The Places You’ll Go! My dad gave that to all my siblings when they went to college. Here I am finishing High School at the age of 21. I just chugged a beer and writing is getting more and more difficult. Good thing I have more!

His other article “On Writing and “The Pussy” (2016),” also struck a cord. Who am I? A question with no fucking answer I suppose. It’s a question with whatever answer you give it. Whether its for other people or not. But it got me thinking.

I started this blog, probably a day ago. I don’t even know right now. But probably a day ago with the intention, with the pipe dream, the fantasy of being well respected in The Red Pill community. Helping dude’s out, helping them build skills. And even building skills myself.

Do I really fucking care about all that? Being well liked I mean. I want skills. But being well liked. Do I even care about women? Do I even care about people. Maybe I need to talk to someone, it’s been 10 days for pete’s sake. I wanted to write an article about Leonardo Da Vinci. I don’t give a flying fuck about him. Although it would be cool to learn about him. Who knows. Another beer down. All I know is I have a final tomorrow and the road to shredded starts tomorrow. Wish me luck brothers. Look forward to that article. Good night.

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